What to Look for in a Luxury Car Dealership




The decision to purchase the most luxuriously crafted automobile in the world is an exciting one to make. Maserati vehicles are the pure representation of perfection when it comes to automotive ingenuity, and because of this, heading out to a Maserati dealer in NY to purchase one can be rather daunting. The average Maserati carries with it a price tag that is double, and oftentimes triple, that of an average car in the United States. This fact alone makes the actual act of purchasing one of these Italian-made beauties a more difficult task than if you were setting out to buy an average vehicle from any old dealership. Other than cost, there are plenty of reasons why buying a Maserati from a dealership is much different than purchasing any other brand of vehicle. As such, it is imperative to choose a dealership that personifies the excellence that the Maserati brand embodies, and exceeds expectations in all possible areas. This is why Maserati of Albany should top your list of dealer destinations.


Choose Wisely


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While it is true that Maserati itself holds its dealerships to the highest possible standards in order to remain in operation, it is always important to do your own careful audit prior to buying a premium car from a luxury dealership. Simply because the brand itself has a high set of standards that they expect dealerships to follow, does not mean that, as a buyer, you are immune from finding a potential bad apple in the bunch.

In the hierarchical class system of vehicle manufacturers, Maserati is at the very top. Because of this, there are fewer dealerships featuring the iconic triton then there are three-point stars, colors of the Free State of Bavaria, or even the pouncing feline. All of these brands attempt to stand in as the definition of luxury, but in a world where luxury and exclusivity go hand-in-hand, Maserati is king.

Keeping all of this in mind, it is wise to remember that Maserati dealerships are fewer and farther between than those representing less-luxurious brands. While your choices between dealerships may be limited, it will still serve you well to complete thorough research prior to committing to your Maserati purchase.


What Matters Most in a Luxury Dealership


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When you walk into a dealership intending to purchase a vehicle for upwards of $100,000, you likely have a set of standards that you are expecting to have met. Short of a red carpet rolling out upon your arrival, a Maserati dealership should treat you with the level of respect and decorum that you deserve. If the luxury car dealership you visit can’t spring for complimentary coffee or someone to keep the showroom floor clean – it is more likely that you will leave without buying your new car, and continue your search for the perfect luxury car dealership.

Aside from complimentary good-tasting coffee and a clean facility, what matters most to buyers in the premium automotive market? We have come up with a list of some of the top considerations others before you have made, which you would be wise to contemplate before you sign the title on your new Maserati. Whether or not you agree with the importance of these standards, it is always good practice to know what to look for ahead of visiting any dealership.

  • The People – From the moment you walk through the showroom doors, you should feel a sense of belonging and familiarity. Despite the fact that you have likely never met the people who work at the dealership before, you should feel as welcome as you would if it were your tenth time visiting. The people who comprise the team at a luxury dealership have the ability to provide you with an unforgettable experience – and whether that is a negative or a positive one, is entirely up to their actions and attitude. If you walk into a dealership and feel anything less than unconditionally welcome, you may want to turn around and walk right back out of the door.
  • The Commitment – A luxury dealership should be as committed to your happiness, as they are to their bottom line. A good dealership will work with you, and go out of their way to help you get into the perfect Maserati at the perfect price.
  • The Hospitality – The average “stay” at any dealership for a new car purchase is over two hours, and that number can multiply when considering a luxury automobile. Because of the time you will spend at a premium dealership, it is important that the one you choose offers a high level of hospitality. From hot coffee, to cold water, to refreshing snacks – if a luxury car dealership can’t spring for these essential items to offer potential buyers, then they simply aren’t committed to the nuanced car buying process.
  • The Convenience – Buying a new Maserati is a commitment in and of itself. By choosing a dealership, you are committing to that business and all that it entails. This is why it is so important to choose a dealership that offers the convenience your unique lifestyle requires. From flexible hours that align with your busy schedule, to a location that is favorable, it is critical that you choose wisely when considering a premium car dealership. After all, dealers who have gone out of their way to offer a location situated such that you don’t have to go out of yours, are looking out for the best interest of their clients.
  • The Inventory – If a luxury car dealership meets all of the above criteria, but has an inventory that is sorely lacking, then it doesn’t matter how good their coffee is, or how knowledgeable their sales team. An exceptional dealership will offer an extensive inventory, and will go out of the way to find you the perfect vehicle if it isn’t already on the showroom floor.


Seek, and You Shall Find


Maserati of Albany


You don’t have to look far to find a Maserati dealership that ticks off all of the above categories. Maserati of Albany has been a staple here in New York for many years, and continues to provide exceptional premium service to buyers in the luxury automotive market. Before you spend your valuable free time searching out other dealerships, come to Maserati of Albany and experience for yourself a showroom that sets the standard for all other luxury dealerships in the country. We promise, you won’t be disappointed.