Upcoming Maserati Models for 2016


When browsing Maserati dealers you might be looking for what’s new for 2016. Maserati has some new models to feature as well as some that won’t be in production until next year.

Maserati has also redesigned its classic GranTurismo for 2016, which also comes in a convertible option for you. With the luxury and prowess of these Maserati models, you might want to get ready for everything Maserati is offering for 2016.

Check out these upcoming Maserati models for 2016!

Redesign of the GranTurismo

The GranTurismo has been overdue for a redesign. Maserati fans will get their wish with the redesign for 2016, which promises a smaller size but still has more to offer when it comes to the aggressiveness of the car. It seats four people comfortably and has a plush interior that’s as much designed for the driver as it is for the passenger. Of course the interior is made of Italian leather, which happens to be handmade to include that luxury touch Maseratis are known for.


The redesign of the GranTurismo will also feature a 7-inch screen that lets you control the multimedia system that Maserati has to offer. The dual-zone climate control will keep you and your passengers comfortable regardless of the temperature. Don’t forget the Bose audio system in this GranTurismo—the technology will likely make the listening experience of this car unforgettable.

The GranTurismo is a coupe that’s also featured as a convertible. The custom air intake cools your engine with the classic Maserati grille on the outside. The 2016 GranTurismo also include LED lights, exhaust pipes that are integrated into the bumper, and two engine options. You’ll get to choose between a V6 and V8, the difference being great performance and great power (you’ll likely get both with the V8). The automatic transmission lets you switch the GranTurismo into sport mode or manual.

No release date for this vehicle yet—but we’re waiting!


Maserati’s Ghibli is an impressive sedan. Don’t let the four doors fool you—this vehicle is design to be a performance machine. Offering 404 horsepower with a twin turbo V6, this vehicle is as powerful as it is beautiful. The Ghibli has a limited slip differential in addition to Wi-Fi ability. The Ghibli will also come with the option of getting one of Maserati’s custom interior packages, which include leather and silk. The interior package perfectly compliments the muscled curves of this sedan.


The longer wheelbase of the Ghibli—118 inches—makes this vehicle roomier inside with 18 cubic feet of trunk space. This longer Italian sedan makes its size-similar companions such as Audi and Mercedes look a little less roomy. The 7-inch touchscreen is set in a minimal dash designed to give the driver space and control of the car.

The Ghibli S Q4 comes with a top speed of 176 miles per hour and allows the driver to feel safe and secure even while attempting high speeds in the sport mode. This sedan has a coupe feel, but don’t be fooled—the Ghibli is suited to your everyday needs as well as your more adventurous drives.

Levante Crossover SUV

We haven’t seen this vehicle yet, but Maserati has promised us a crossover SUV for 2016. The Levante is supposed to come with the standard V6 with 350 horsepower the option of getting the premium V6 with 425 horsepower. This will be the first SUV that Maserati has ever manufactured or offered buyers. We suspect it will debut in early 2016.

The crossover will likely carry the muscular design that has captivated fans with its luxury sedans and sports cars as well as the classic grille with the Trident logo. The air intake is expected to be impressive with some slight headlights in order to capture a modern yet defined look on the Levante. The fenders spotted on this vehicle have been large to compliment the big taillights and exhaust on the rear.


The Levante will likely have a spoiler to accentuate its performance nature as well as its SUV convenience. It’s expected that the interior will be reminiscent of the Maserati’s love of simple yet refined interiors with a two-tone dash, touchscreen, and of course, the premium Italian leather. Buyers can hope for more cargo space as well as a little bit more room for its passengers in this SUV.

The Levante is still expected to be powerful and have impressive performance for an SUV, because after all, it is a Maserati. It’ll likely have an impressive 0-60 time in addition to a twin turbo engine with up to 520 horsepower and some serious torque. It could also be featured as a diesel or a hybrid, both of which would be interesting choices for the Maserati.

What’s Next?

Maserati has also set us up for a convertible coupe called the Alfieri, which is set to be in production in 2016, so this vehicle may not be available until 2017. However, Maserati has got our attention with this coupe as it’s rumored to offer 520 horsepower with all-wheel drive in addition to rear wheel drive. Of course, Maserati’s luxury interior touches will make this vehicle a performance beast as well as a luxury king.

If you’re considering a Maserati for your next luxury car, consider the upcoming Maserati models for 2016 and what they have to offer. Buyers will likely be captured by the GranTurismo’s new design. The Ghibli features a luxury sedan for everyday use that still gets some serious performance. If you’re waiting on an SUV, you won’t have long—the anticipated Maserati Levante crossover will offer all the performance you’re looking for in a luxury SUV.

Check out these upcoming Maserati models. The reputable Italian car maker has a lot to offer luxury car buyers, and keeps us on our toes with a new first-ever SUV and a powerful new convertible coupe sometime in the future. Come see and drive these Maseratis for yourself to experience the power and luxury of these cars!