Top Five Reasons to Pursue a Used Maserati


2015 Maserati GranTurismo


While some customers may pursue used cars because of their limited budget, there’s another incentive to buying these pre-owned vehicles. Often times, particular car brands are too expensive to purchase new, so customers may be able to find a deal on the used market.

This logic certainly applies to Maserati. Many potential buyers don’t have enough money to afford the new version of the brand’s cars, but used models actually fit into their budget. This means you can get the brand’s unmatched combination of luxury and style for a (relatively) affordable price.

Have you considered shopping for a used Maserati for sale (or maybe just a used vehicle in general)? With a focus on the Ghibli, let’s see why the brand’s cars are a perfect option on the pre-owned market…

Affordable Price

There should probably be an asterisk next to that title, because the Maserati Ghibli isn’t considered “cheap” when compared to other vehicles. However, when you put in next to other luxury cars (or even other Maserati models), you’ll recognize that recent Ghiblis actually have an incredibly affordable price tag.

The Ghibli normally starts at around $70,000, but you’ll be able to find a used version for closer to $50,000. This may seem a bit steep for a used car, but as you’re about to learn, this is a rather fair price considering all of the vehicle’s features and capabilities.

Stylish Exterior


above 2007 maserati quattroporte header with the caption 2007 Maserati Quattroporte


This attribute should be expected from any luxury vehicle, but Maserati has continually looked for innovative ways to make their cars even more stylish. The Ghibli still contains many of the same style cues from older model years, including a sculpted body and clean lines. However, recent versions have been modernized.

The brand’s vehicles have always been recognizable by their nose, especially the Maserati badge on the grille. The shape of the front of the Ghibli is more rectangular nowadays, mostly so the unit could line up perfectly with the LED headlamps. Out back, the body is highlighted by the twin tailpipes, which only help confirm the amount of power that’s lingering under the hood (we’ll touch on that later). That sporty design is further accentuated via the frameless door windows and the selection of wheel options.

Recent additions to the exterior include front and rear mudguards, which provide a recognizable and exclusive look. If you’re driving through the neighborhood in your used Maserati, we’re certain fellow drivers will recognize you.

Comfortable Interior




If one aspect of a Maserati could top the luxuriousness of the exterior, it’s the brand’s interiors. This is certainly the case for the Ghibli, as the vehicle has consistently delivered style, comfort, and innovative designs.

Where to start? You’ll first recognize the soft leather that covers each of the seats, and some of these previous owners may have opted to have the material used on their dashboard and doors. This leads to a handsome two-tone color combination that is as comfortable as it is breathtaking.

It’s not just the leather that makes the interior so comfortable. Each of the seats has a wraparound upholstery, which plays a role in giving the Ghibli that “sporty” feeling. The interior is relatively roomy, and the rear bench seat can fit up to three passengers.

The all-electric front seat adjustment system will make it easy for the driver to find their ideal seating position. This means the owner can avoid the inconvenience of finding their preferred vantage point whenever they enter the car. Meanwhile, the leather-covered steering wheel includes several mounted controls, meaning the driver can manipulate their multimedia settings without taking their eyes off the road.

While you may not necessarily have your choice of interior amenities or upholsteries, any of the available options will undoubtedly make you happy.

Underrated Engine

While luxury vehicles are often commended for their looks and amenities, the engine often goes overlooked. This has proven to be quite an injustice, as Maserati’s vehicles often include some of the most impressive motors in the class.

The Ghibli has often featured a three-liter Twin Turbo V6 engine, with the engineers focusing on fuel consumption, emissions, and (of course) performance. Recent engines have delivered 330 horsepower, and thanks to the camshafts and injectors added to the unit, drivers can expect a 0-to-60 time around 5.5 seconds and a top speed of 163 miles per hour. Meanwhile, you can expect to get around a 17 city/24 highway mile per gallon fuel efficiency via the Ghibli.

Meanwhile, the accompanying eight-speed ZF automatic transmission doesn’t only help improve the Ghibli’s performance, but it also makes for a more seamless gearshift. Plus, with five different operating modes (Auto Normal, Auto Sport, Manual Normal, Manual Sport, and Increased Control and Efficiency), drivers can take comfort in the fact that their sports car will perform in any conditions.

Of course, in order to have the optimal driving experience, you’re also going to need the best possible suspension system. That’s why the brand’s engineers have recently included their most advanced technology yet, with a higher aluminum double-wishbone unit improving handling. Meanwhile, the five-arm multilink system in the back improves the driver’s comfort while operating the vehicle. Steering has also been prioritized, and the Ghibli’s “light and smooth” turning ability allows the driver to feel like they’re in full control.

Abundance of Technology




The impressive center infotainment system allows you to access a variety of applications, whether it be navigation or music. However, this technology isn’t even the star of the Ghibli’s interior.

Instead, it’s the luxury car’s advanced sound system. The Harman Kardon Premium Sound System refines the audio coming from your speakers, and the subwoofer can handle “the low-end frequencies with ease.” Meanwhile, the available Bowers and Wilkins Premium Sound System provides “concert-hall acoustics” to your cabin via the 1,280-watt amplifier and the 15-speaker setup.


So let’s see… you’ll get a vehicle that delivers an eye-catching exterior, a luxurious and comfortable interior, a powerful engine, and top-of-the-line technology. Plus, you’ll be getting it all for an affordable price. Assuming the Maserati’s mechanics are working properly, you’re going to be securing one great deal if you opt for any of the brand’s used vehicles.