Three Reasons Why You Should Opt for Maserati’s First SUV

July 21st, 2017 by

It can always feel like a risk for consumers to buy the inaugural version of any product. However, customers shouldn’t have any reservations about pursuing the first Maserati SUV in the brand’s 100-plus-year history. The 2017 Maserati Levante is truly one of the most impressive vehicles on the road, and we’re not even discussing the fact that it’s classified as a “luxury vehicle.”

The engine options provide all of the power a driver could possibly want from their SUV, and the accompanying mechanical features will make for a safe and easy driving experience. The interior is as luxurious as it is engaging, while the reliable safety features will assure that you and your new purchase will maintain your well-being.

Of course, we don’t blame you if you want to dig into everything the vehicle actually has to offer. Continue reading below to see why it may be in your best interest to pursue this brand-new Maserati SUV…

Reason #1: Incredible Performance

When you begin discussing the performance of the Maserati Levante, you’ll naturally start the discussion by focusing on the luxurious SUV’s incredible engine. The 3.0-liter twin-turbocharged V6 engine delivers an impressive 345 horsepower and 369 pounds-feet of torque on one variant of the vehicle, and these numbers are boosted to 424 horsepower and 428 pounds-feet of torque on the alternative version of the SUV. The engine teams up with the brand’s reliable eight-speed transmission to deliver an ideal driving experience. Engineers also added a number of technologies that will reduce fuel emissions and maximize fuel efficiency.

Maserati seemingly wanted to emphasize the “sport” in their Levante SUV, so drivers can easily expect unique and consistent drivability. Regardless of the road conditions or the odd terrain, drivers won’t have any issues making it to their destination. This is obviously attributed to the excellent engine, but the active-air suspension will also play a significant role. With five different riding heights and six different capability modes, drivers can truly expect their vehicle to accommodate the road conditions. There’s even the Skyhook system and the shock absorbers, which will make for a considerably smoother ride (while also allowing you to test your SUV off the beaten path).

Reason #2: Award-Winning Interior

Consumers will be hard pressed to find a more impressive interior than that of the Levante’s when they’re searching for a new SUV. The cabin will be adorned in high-class leather, refined wood, “platinum-effect metals,” and meticulous stitching, leading to a feeling of elegance that is often absent from rival vehicles. Plus, thanks to the inclusion of the leather bench seats and the ergonomic front seats, the interior also has an unexpected sporty feel.

The opulence can likely be attributed to the fact that the interior was designed by the “renowned fashion house of Ermenegildo Zegna.” The designers were responsible for a number of luxurious inclusions, like the “natural fibre Zegna Mulberry Silk insert” that covers the seats, door panels, and other areas of the interior. Add in the expert stitching, and you’re unlikely to find a more opulent SUV elsewhere.

Of course, the interior isn’t solely about aesthetics. Rather, occupants will appreciate all of the Levante’s technological features. The 8.4-inch screen will assist and entertain, as drivers can rely on the system for its navigation services or radio stations. Drivers can even connect their smartphone, allowing them to perform many of their gadget’s basic capabilities without taking their eyes off the road. Drivers will also have access to the climate control system, allowing them to adapt the interior temperature to their liking.

If you do decide to listen to your favorite tunes, you’ll be able to appreciate the music via the incredible Bowers & Wilkins or Harman Kardon sound systems. Thanks to these inclusions, drivers will receive an unmatched listening experience, especially when compared to rival SUVs.

When you consider all of those amenities, it shouldn’t be surprising to learn that the Levante earned a spot on WardsAuto’s “Ten Best Interior” lists. As the press release states, the publication “focuses not only on comfort, but aesthetics, usage of materials, fit-and-finish, ergonomics and user-friendly ability of electronics packages. Nominees were chosen from vehicles that were all-new for the model year or which had significantly improved elements. This was the brand-new Levante’s first appearance on Wards’ interior list.”

There’s no denying that the 2017 Maserati Levante delivers in this regard, and customers should take satisfaction knowing that this interior has been backed by an expert publication.

Reason #3: Reliable Safety

You’re going to be dishing out plenty of money for your new Maserati Levante, so you’ll want to be assured that the SUV maintains its condition. In order for that to happen, drivers will be relying on the brand’s array of preventative safety features.

For instance, the Forward Collision Warning System relies on an exterior camera to detect when the SUV is rapidly approaching a stationary object. If the driver doesn’t respond to the visual and audible warnings, then the vehicle will help decelerate the SUV via the accompanying advanced brake-assist system. Meanwhile, the Lane Departure Warning System relies on cameras to determine when it may be unsafe to switch lanes. The Blind Sport Alert and Rear Cross Path Detection play a similar role, alerting the driver when an unseen driver has appeared alongside them.

Finally, the Adaptive Cruise Control (with Stop & Go) allows drivers to take a brief break while also maintaining their safety. Drivers can determine a pre-set distance, and the SUV will automatically maintain that determined distance from other vehicles when taking over operations. The system is even capable of decelerating when a vehicle has pulled ahead of the SUV, and it can accelerate when another vehicle has decided to speed up.

So what are you waiting for? We’ve provided three clear reasons why you should opt for the first Maserati SUV in history. Head into a dealership and get a look for yourself, and you’ll truly understand what this vehicle can deliver.

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