The Newest Quattroporte is THE Must-See Car of 2017

maserati-quattroporte-gts-gran lusso

Maserati has been the foremost leader in automotive luxury since the company formed in Bologna, Italy, back in 1914. The brand has certainly evolved over the years, but one constant has always remained at the forefront of the entire Maserati lineup – unequivocal Italian luxury. The interior of a Maserati model isn’t simply produced, but rather handcrafted to ensure the highest level of quality down to the finest detail. The exterior isn’t manufactured, but sculpted to align with the brand’s ultimate goal of delivering timeless Italian style. Simply put – Maserati cars cannot be compared to vehicles in other brand lineups. They are on an entirely different level, and that fact is solidified even further with the release of the all new 2017 Maserati Quattroporte.

A Look Back at the Quattroporte

The latest edition of the Quattroporte may still be under the saloon car’s sixth generation, but you would never know that based on everything that has gone into making this version truly remarkable.

The Quattroporte model has been a staple in the Maserati lineup since 1963 when it was introduced at the Turin Motor Show that same year. It was a luxury saloon car with track-like power underneath the hood – a rarity for cars at that time in history. The Italian word quattroporte translates into English as “Four Doors,” which is an appropriate name for the premium Italian sedan. As straightforward as its name may be, there is nothing straightforward or bland about Maserati’s take on the Quattroporte. Throughout the years since it was first released, the Quattroporte has journeyed through six generations, with each one adding special edition and limited production models.

Why The Newest Quattroporte is the Best Yet

As much as we would love to take a walk through the past history of the Quattroporte, we would much rather enjoy taking a look at the newest version. The 2017 Quattroporte is easily the most interesting and awesome version of the saloon car yet, with buyers lining up to get one of their very own. Check out a few reasons why the latest Quattroporte is the must-see luxury car of 2017.

  • GranLusso: The most compelling difference between the outgoing model and the new Quattroporte, is the addition of two trim level options. The first of these two is the GranLusso model. Designed and hand crafted for buyers with a more distinctive palette for luxury, the GranLusso includes high-end amenities like an interior designed by leading Italian fashion house Ermenegildo Zegna. Complementing the other enhanced interior features, this premium leather seating and silk fabric inserts give the GranLusso model an undeniable level of luxury. The exterior of the GranLusso is also noticeably different than other versions of the 2017 Quattroporte. The GranLusso Quattroporte features sweeping lines, sculpted sides, and an overall appearance of elegance. Body colored side skirts, black brake calipers, and 20-inch alloy wheels round out the high-level look of this newly redesigned sedan.
  • GranSport: This trim level available on the 2017 Quattroporte is distinctive in a different way than that of the GranLusso. Designed to give off a sporty appearance, the GranSport trim level option features brand new front and rear sport bumpers, exclusive black gloss features, red brake calipers, and larger 21-inch Titano alloy wheels. The interior of this model is also remarkably distinct, featuring a sport-tuned cockpit with red leather seating, and a sport steering wheel designed for the ultimate experience behind the wheel. Both the inside and outside of this sporty luxury sedan are formed from carbon fiber, giving the vehicle even more track-ready worth.
  • New Technology: Maserati has always been known for premium automotive luxury, but not always for the latest in-vehicle technology. While German luxury brands remained steadfast in their commitment to offer the latest innovation on their models, Maserati remained loyal to its Italian roots. The 2017 Quattroporte marked a shift for the Italian luxury brand, which includes plenty of the most enhanced innovation available in the industry. Swapping out the 7-inch touch screen for a more intuitive 8.4-inch multi-touch display, the 2017 Quattroporte now includes Apple CarPlay, Android Auto, and upgraded navigation for the first time.
  • New Level of Safety: Just as the brand upgraded the Quattroporte to include the latest in-vehicle technology on the market, so did it enhance the sedan’s offering of advanced safety tech. A new driver assistance package is available across the entire 2017 Quattroporte lineup, and includes adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, collision warning, and automatic emergency braking technology. Drivers interested in owning one of the most exclusive luxury sedans ever created, can now do so with the ultimate level of safety and peace of mind.
  • Upgraded Exterior: Aside from the cosmetic differences between the GranLusso and GranSport models, the standard Quattroporte model features stunning changes and updates that are strikingly noticeable. The first is a brand new grille and front bumper. Outlined in matte black trim, this grille is concave in design, rather than the previous convex concept. New automatic grille shutters have been added and help to reduce aerodynamic drag by at least ten percent on average. Maserati also added more chrome detailing to the exterior, including on the side mirrors and the three air vents that are also situated on the side of the new Quattroporte.

A Must See Sedan for 2017

No amount of talking or writing about the new Quattroporte can do it justice. The only true way to experience and appreciate the full beauty and power of this incredible sedan is to see it in person. Maserati of Albany is proud to offer the latest 2017 Quattroporte for sale at our New York premium dealership. Take the ultimate level of automotive luxury for a test drive, and purchase your own piece of art by driving home in a brand new Maserati Quattroporte.

If you have always wanted to own a Maserati brand vehicle, or already are a proud owner of an Italian luxury sedan, come down to Maserati of Albany and experience this incredible Quattroporte model in person. Our award-winning team is ready to help you realize your dream, and help you drive home in your very own Maserati brand car, today.