Maserati – Back To The Future

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History of Maserati

Ultimate luxury is measured in exquisite detail, luxurious style, and quality well beyond normal standards. That is what makes Maserati of Albany, NY one of the top Maserati dealers in the country.

In Albany NY, Maserati is hailed as one of the most desirable cars that anyone can own. It has been the case with Maserati since the very beginning in Italy.

The story starts with Rodolfo Maserati. A man who’s humble beginnings as a railroad worker would give way to his dedication to excellence. Rodolfo worked on the railroad during Italy’s period as a monarchy.

Ever a forward thinking, Rodolfo, and his brothers had an unquenchable passion for speed and elegance. By the turn of the century, his entire family would share his passion.

Rodolfo’s eldest son Carlo Maserati would be especially instrumental. At the aged of 17, Carlo had a thirst for speed. Unhappy with moving slow, the teenager solved a problem and designed his first single cylinder engine. Impressed by the teens mechanical ability and passion Carlo is hired by Fiat as a test pilot. Surely, the pride of his father.

While working for Fiat Carlo designs a new single cylinder engine during his down time and in an attempt to solve his boredom.

Afte placing this engine into a wooden car chassis be built the first Maserati.

While Carlo’s life was snuffed early by a lung illness his brothers would bring his passion for automobiles to the forefront of design.

Alfieri, Ernesto, and Ettore continued work effortlessly on the creation of the first Maserati. Maserati is a big family and they decided it was time for Mario to join the fray.

It’s hard not to imagine “Super Mario”. Mario Maserati was an artist and the only brother who had nothing to do with engines. Mario was to help with marketing by creating the (now iconic) logo. He decides to use the trident from the statue of Neptune in Piazza Maggiore. It’s seen as a symbol of strength and vigor.

Finally, in 1926 the “official” first Maserati is built. It’s called the Tipo 26 named after the year of its racing debut. The Maserati brothers described it as having “all the characteristics of all the cars which had been built so far”. Lofty accomplishments.

While there is much more to the entire Maserati history, this gives you a glimpse at a company truly dedicated to progress and perseverance. NY Maserati is here for you!

The Maserati Levante SUV

Maserati Levante

When you think of Maserati vehicles most likely an SUV isn’t the first thing to come to mind. It’s been long anticipated and looks likes it will debut in Geneva next year.

Recently, we have seen a few concept models but the production debut is on schedule for the spring car show in Geneva in 2016.

The new “Levante” will have a similar overall structure as the as the Quattroporte and Ghibli sports sedans.

Look for an impressive powerhouse thanks to a Ferrari-built twin-turbo V-6 and V-8 engines. It will also be an all-wheel drive. The Levante is also looking to be more technological. There will be a plug-in hybrid available and in production. Exciting news in NY, Maserati may be your selected luxury SUV crossover.

The 2016 Maserati Alfieri

maserati alfieri

Maserati concept cars are interesting examples of progress. It is very rare for a Maserati concept model to make it into production looking similar to its original concept designs.

Still, the 2016 Maserati Alfieri is exciting and headed to production with surprisingly little changes to the original concept that was revealed in 2014.

Obviously, there are a few adjustments. Most of the adjustments are not being made to technology or performance. Instead, Maserati is enhancing the ergonomics and driver comfort put into the car.

The Maserati design team works far different than other makes. They employ a very small group of designers. Latest numbers have attached only 15 design members responsible for the design of the new Maserati Alfieri model. That is a significantly low number. Maserati’s approach is quality over quantity. They are looking to avoid “too many chefs in the soup”. Simple, elegant, and highly luxurious is the approach.

Interestingly, the team seemed to go “Back To The Future” for inspiration on design. They spent an extreme amount of time studying the Maserati A6GCS/54 from 1954. According to one design team member, the A6GCS/54 offered a design that was “in-tune” to the 100-year commitment to sophisticated design and performance.

Consumers are looking for more style in the vehicles they drive coupled with today’s technology. So, a two-pronged approach was installed and Maserati is quite proud of the results.

When you look at the exterior of the new 2016 Maserati Alfieri you can immediately see that it is not your average car on the market. But, to be fair is any Maserati considered average?

You definitely can see the interspiration taken from the 1950s. For example, it features a long hood and more rear cabin space.

The decision to have a lower-set grille wedged between larger fenders is a Maserati trademark for yesteryear and it is beautiful to see back on the design table.

Lots of curves and sloping lines are not seen in today’s production vehicles and Maserati has really played well into a combination of yesterday’s styling. It’s sexy and sophisticated. Timeless.

While designed primarily with a rear-wheel drivetrain an all-wheel-drive model will also be offered. Don’t worry, you will still find the twin-turbocharged V6 putting out about 410 horsepower.

For those looking to stay “green”, Maserati is also working on a new plug-in hybrid system for future Alfieri builds, as well.

At this point, production of the 2016 Alfieri should happen right after its official introduction at the 2016 Geneva Motor Show. The Alfieri will be making its way toward Maserati of Albany your NY Maserati dealership sometime after the first week of March in 2016. Look for an Alfieri Convertible being introduced a year later.

In the meantime, Maserati of Albany, NY is proud to be offering some of the top models in the Maserati arsenal. Please visit our inventory and speak with us today to schedule a test drive
and experience the luxury and performance of a Maserati, today!