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It’s easy to be entranced by the luxurious cars in the Maserati lineup. Each vehicle has its own personality and features, yet they all reflect the distinctive style that separates Maserati from other luxury car brands.

The Maserati character is firmly rooted in the carmaker’s Italian roots. The interior of every Maserati vehicle, from the legendary Quattroporte grand saloon to the Levante SUV, dazzles with leather and wood appointments, refined color patterns, and master craftsmanship.

Those roots include not just materials and style, but also language. Beyond the data and information available on Maserati’s gorgeous cars, a great way to get to know them is to learn some Italian—the Maserati way. Nothing captures the essence of Maserati vehicles quite like their native Italian language, so full of poetry and color.

Let’s explore the Maserati lineup and learn some new words at the same time. Who knows? You might even hear them at your Maserati dealer in New York.


Mozzifiato literally means to cut off or chop off your breath, a vivid interpretation of “breathtaking” that describes the Maserati Ghibli beautifully.

The exhilaration begins before you even get in the Ghibli, thanks to its curvaceous design that speaks to the sedan’s sporty side. The Ghibli’s interior impresses with armchair-style seats clad in leather (in front and back). Though sleek and sporty on the outside, the Ghibli offers ample headroom and legroom to seat four adults comfortably, as a sedan should. The Luxury package enhances the interior with silk and premium leather upholstery, power-adjustable foot pedals, wood trim, and a 900-watt Harman Kardon audio system. The Sport package bolsters the Ghibli’s athleticism with seats featuring anti-whiplash headrests, aluminum gear shift paddles, and sport pedals.

The real thrill comes when you fire up the 3.0-liter, 345 hp twin turbo V6 – or better yet, the Ghibli S’s 404 hp version – and you’re rewarded with a boisterous roar. For all its power, the Ghibli’s agile handling lets it devour tight turns with ease. With a max speed of 166 mph, the Ghibli will bring mozzifiato to mind every time you go for a ride. And don’t forget the car’s name itself, ghibli, which is a fiercely hot, North African desert wind. Appropriate for this breathtaking sports sedan!


The newest Maserati model is the clear vincitore (champion) in the battle for luxury SUV supremacy. While some luxury SUVs may offer more speed or better mileage, the Levante successfully combines the agility and handling of a smaller car with the off-road capability of a full-bodied crossover. Behind the wheel of a Levante, you’ll feel at home on suburban streets as well as dirt roads.

Among the Levante’s successes, the biggest might be the adjustable air suspension, which lets you control the height of the vehicle. Choose from five ride heights to suit road conditions, from near-sedan level to the highest, off-road mode. A 50-50 front-rear weight distribution gives the Levante exceptional control and a firm feel on any type of road.

Performance-wise, the Levante delivers an unbeatable combination of big-vehicle power with small-vehicle handling. The baseline Q comes with a turbocharged 3.0-liter, 345 hp V6 engine, while the S boasts a burly 424-hp version. Adaptive suspension dampers give the Levante the agility of a sports car, an amazing achievement for such a large vehicle. Hydraulic-assist steering lets you feel the road the way cars used to, before too much electronic refinement watered down the driving experience. All this performance packed in a sleek and sporty body makes the Levante the vincitore luxury SUV!


From its curvaceous exterior to its lavish interior, the GranTurismo is all vivace—lively, brisk, exciting. It’s the quintessential Italian touring car, focused as much on style and character as performance.

The two-door, four-seat coupe sets the standard for European styling, with a sweeping, shapely exterior that suggests movement even when the car is parked. This vitality flows into the GranTurismo’s gorgeous interior, with its inviting seats covered in fine Italian leather. The coupe seats four comfortably, and you can trim the GranTurismo in your choice of paint, metals, leathers, and wood, to truly customize it to your own unique style. From top to bottom, the interior has the handcrafted, old-world charm you’d expect from Maserati.

The GranTurismo comes in two configurations, Sport and MC trims. Both offer power and performance, with a vigorous 4.7-liter V8 engine that delivers 454 hp and 384 ft-lb torque. Capable of 185 mph and 0-60 in 4.7 seconds, the GranTurismo delivers an exhilarating ride; and when you sink the accelerator and elicit a soul-satisfying roar, the GranTurismo really makes you feel alive!


Quattroporte means “four doors,” but a more appropriate term for Maserati’s super-sedan is maestoso— “majestic.” The exterior of the Quattroporte trumpets this excellence with sporty, contoured sweeps and chrome flourishes that let the world know that you appreciate style as much as performance.

And performance there is! Though large (207.2 inches), the Quattroporte features a firm suspension design that allows for precise responses and a superior driving experience. The S and Q4 come with a 3.0-liter, 404 hp V6 engine that delivers 406 ft-lb toque, while the GTS boasts a 3.8-liter V8 with a formidable 523 hp and 524 ft-lb torque. Though the V6 is powerful enough, to experience the full magnificence of the Quattroporte’s capabilities, you’ll want to opt for the V8.

Two trim options available for the S and Q4 – and standard on the GTS – enhances the Quattroporte’s already impressive aesthetics. The luxury GranLusso trim package bolsters the baseline leather-upholstered interior with Ermenegildo Zegna silk inserts, a wood-and-leather steering wheel, power foot pedals, four zone climate control, and heated rear seats. Meanwhile, the dynamic GranSport trim enhances the Quattroporte’s exterior with sports bumpers, sideskirts, and 21-inch Titano alloy wheels. In the cabin, the GranSport package adds sports seats, gearshift paddles, and a sports steering wheel. Opt for the interior and exterior Carbon packages and enjoy carbon-fiber enhancements to your already magnificent vehicle.

Whichever glorious model you choose from your local Maserati dealership, rest assured it will be every bit the capolavoro – masterpiece – worthy of the Maserati name!

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