La Dolce Maserati

On October 2, 2016, 24 lucky individuals embarked on a memorable journey: La Dolce Maserati. It was the culmination of a series of charity events spearheaded by Maserati of Albany.

The adventure began with a train trip through the Adirondack Mountains in an art deco dining car. After sipping espresso and enjoying Italian pastries along the way, they were greeted by 12 Maserati vehicles in North Creek, New York. After a lunch of some of Italy’s finest delicacies, the participants drove into the mountains, enjoying the thrilling ride that only Maserati vehicles can provide. On the way back, everyone took part in a five-course meal with win pairings.

It was only a day, but the memories will last a lifetime — and creating a memorable time on the road is a signature feature of Maserati vehicles.