Embrace Your Mid-Life Crisis with a 2017 Maserati Ghibli

maserati ghibli

There is something about growing older that is both incredible and frightening at the same time. As most American adults can balance these two conflicting emotions with grace, others experience a near catastrophic collision of both fear and excitement that culminates in what we all have come to know as the mid-life crisis. Hollywood has done its best to ensure that all American adults reach this coming-of-age milestone in middle life, while companies with big ticket items play to their manic eagerness to stay as young as possible, for as long as possible. Adults in their middle age who reach this perceived crisis associated with growing old, end up heading to their closest dealership and buying the most ridiculous performance-enhanced car on the lot. Without us resorting to name-calling, you can likely assume which make and model we are referring to. The bright red convertible sportscar that every high school boy dreams of driving, is now prominently displayed on his grown-up driveway in the suburbs of upstate New York.

The more sophisticated and mature American adults who reach middle age, however, do not resort to poorly designed domestics to curb their fear of growing old. Rather, they embrace it with a level of high standing that the teenage boy of his past could never afford.

Reaching Mid-Life? Buy a Maserati

Rather than convey to the neighborhood that you have lost your mind – which is exactly what parking a souped up American-made sports car in front of your house will do – we invite you to consider a second option. Pass over those mass-marketed dealerships with catchy sayings and balloon animals, and arrive at the most exclusive name in the automotive world – Maserati. While parking a domestic pony car in your driveway will elicit snickers and remarks of an obvious mid-life crisis, a brand new 2017 Maserati Ghibli, on the other hand, will send a very different message and attract an entirely different response.

Embrace Mid-Life, Don’t Run From It

Put down the box of jet black hair dye, and slowly walk away. Get back into your car, and drive directly to Maserati of Albany. There are few things more pathetic than trying too hard to stay young. Rather than view growing old as a curse, consider it a privilege that many people will never have the chance to experience.

Along with every perceived negatives of growing old, there are a long list of positives. As your teenage self could barely afford to take his girlfriend out for ice cream, you now have the funds to buy a brand new car from the foremost leader in automotive luxury. Just as wine improves with age, so does the life of a person with a positive attitude, and an unquenchable thirst for the finer things age can afford. The next time you find yourself at the grocery store contemplating a change in hair color, consider embracing your salt and pepper appearance as a sign of success, virtue, and honor.

The Perfect Way to Embrace Your Middle-Age

Crisis, be gone! Now that you have a handle on the privilege of growing old and are no longer focused on the negative aspects, consider what a brand new 2017 Maserati Ghibil will do for your second-half of life. Whether you have owned luxury cars in the past, or you have yet to experience the pure class and premium quality of a Maserati sedan, we invite you to embrace your middle age with an Italian-made luxury car.

The Maserati Ghibli has been around in one form or another since 1966, which, if you do the math, qualifies this Maserati nameplate as middle-aged. Just another example of how things can improve over time, the latest version of the Ghibli is the best one ever made.

The exterior of the 2017 Ghibli is sleek, sporty, and athletically-toned. While other cars appear molded into place, the Ghibli seems as though it was born into the body it now owns. Arguably the sleekest version of the sedan to date, every angle of the new Ghibli commands attention and inspires awe. With three different trim level options to choose from starting at just $71,600, the 2017 Ghibli is on the more affordable end of authentic automotive luxury.

Adults experiencing a mid-life crisis flock to the mainstream brands and their sporty nameplates as a way to confirm their powerful presence on the road. While those other models may be successful to a certain extent, the Maserati name has been synonymous with luxury and power from the moment it was conceived. The highest available trim level for 2017 is the Ghibli S Q4. Featuring a 3.0-liter engine paired with Maserati’s exclusive Q4 all-wheel drive system, the new Ghibli S Q4 boasts an incredible horsepower rating of 404, and a near-perfectly matching torque of 406 lb.-ft. Able to accelerate from a dead stop to sixty miles per hour in just 4.7 seconds, the 2017 Ghibli S Q4 is the shining example of how high-end performance and luxury can go hand-in-hand.

The interior cabin is just as expertly crafted as the engine that sits under the hood. With bountiful options of high-end luxury including exclusive Italian leather seating surfaces with real silk inserts, genuine wood trim, premium sound systems, and more. Your new 2017 Ghibli can be as exquisite as you desire, with nothing standing between you and your dream of owning a piece of Italian automotive perfection.

Discover the New Ghibli at Maserati of Albany

Maserati has been a leader in automotive luxury and performance since 1914, and Maserati of Albany strives to mirror that same dedication each and everyday. When you put your trust in Maserati of Albany for your premium car purchase, you will have complete confidence knowing that true experts are here to walk you through your luxury car buying journey.

The new 2017 Ghibli is one of the four models in Maserati’s exclusive lineup, all of which are available for you to explore in person at Maserati of Albany. There is nothing quite like sitting behind the wheel of a Maserati brand vehicle, a feeling that should certainly be experienced before purchasing any other vehicle on the market. Don’t get stuck with a mid-grade domestic car in middle age. Instead, visit the incredible showroom at Maserati of Albany and discover the automotive brand that is world-renowned for luxury, as well as performance.