Top Three Advantages of Buying a Used Maserati

March 7th, 2016 by


Have you been thinking about pursuing a new car? Why not dedicate your set budget to pursuing a luxury sports car, particularly a Maserati.

Now, hold on. Before you assume that the brand’s vehicles are out of your price range, you should consider the variety of advantages that accompanies pursuing a used Maserati. Sure, you may have had your heart set on purchasing a brand-new vehicle… but we’re certain we can change your opinion. For instance, were you aware that a used Maserati may cost you a fraction of the price of a new model?

Continue reading to understand the various benefits of pursuing used Maseratis for sale. Once you’ve got a more well-rounded understanding of the advantages, we’re certain you’ll be itching to visit the brand’s dealerships…



Now, if you were purchasing a new Maserati, you certainly wouldn’t regard this factor as a “positive.” However, when pursuing a used luxury vehicle, you can actually benefit from this drop in value.

The value of a Maserati Quattroporte will drastically depreciate throughout its first several years on the road. This is typical of any new car, but considering the high price of the brand’s products, this drop in value is more evident in a Maserati.

In fact, some estimations put that drop in value at nearly 60 to 80 percent after three or four years. This is huge for those pursuing a used Maserati, as they can acquire a relatively new model for a fraction of the original price.



Maseratis are one of the most luxurious vehicles on the market, and the brand’s cars separate themselves from the pack due to a variety of exclusive features.

The engineers have meticulously focused on every inch of that interior, including the materials found throughout the cabin. This is a big reason why these designers opted for top-of-the-line upholstery to cover their seats. Meanwhile, the sculpted exterior style gives the brand’s products a specific, individual look.

While the company’s vehicles may trail some of its competitors in regards to speed, Maserati still produces perfectly capable vehicles. The engines pump out loads of horsepower and torque, and you can expect a top speed approaching 200 miles per hour.



When you express interest in pursuing a used Maserati, you may hear others complain about the high repair costs. Sure, repairing the brand’s vehicles may be a bit more costly that your ordinary car, especially when you consider the rarity and value of the specific parts.

However, since Maserati has proven they can produce some of the more reliable vehicles on the market, this shouldn’t be too much of a worry. Many of the brand’s vehicles last at least a decade, so you should expect your ride to last you several years. Plus, you can protect yourself by having a professional mechanic inspect the vehicle prior to your purchase.


Sure, you’re still going to have to dish out some money for a used Maserati, but if you were considering purchasing a new car, the prices should be comparable. Plus, the brand’s vehicles provide unmatched luxury and engine capabilities. When it comes down to it, it’s surprising that more buyers don’t pursue the company’s used vehicles.