The Top Three Features of a Pre-Owned Maserati

February 2nd, 2016 by


We understand that a pre-owned Maserati can still be expensive, and that should be expected from a vehicle that typically runs for more than $100,000 when new. However, the brand’s vehicles are actually an excellent choice on the used market, and you may be able to come across one of the luxury vehicles for a price that fits within your budget.

Besides the obvious monetary advantages, what are the other reasons for pursuing a pre-owned Maserati? Continue reading after the break to find out…



One of the benefits of pursuing a used luxury vehicle is, well, acquiring all of the luxurious features. Of course, you have to spend some big bucks to acquire a Maserati, and you’ll have to dish out even more to acquire all of the best features and amenities. However, if you opt for a used luxury car, these add-ons may fall right into your lap.

For example, a Maserati’s interior adds just an entire level of sophistication to the brand’s vehicles, as the leather-clad steering wheel and soft leather will give you the European styling you’re seeking. You certainly won’t be able to acquire all of these amenities in your standard used vehicle.



Of course, those luxurious features are all complemented with some top-of-the-line technology. The brand’s engines are consistently among the most powerful on the market, as the units remain capable of pumping out at least 500 horsepower.

The high-resolution touchscreen offers a number of applications, vehicle diagnostics, and (of course) music. You can enjoy your tunes via the Bowers and Wilkins Premium Surround system, which provide the Maserati’s occupants with “concert-hall acoustics.”



Many people associate Maseratis with luxury (and for good reason). However, they tend to underestimate the brand’s ability to produce durable and long-lasting cars. Assuming you’re targeting a Maserati that’s less than 10-years-old, you should expect that used vehicle to last at least another decade.

As a poster noted on, the most common repair for a Maserati is the clutch, and that might set you back a solid chunk of change. However, there’s a chance that you might come across a used Maserati that’s already undergone that repair. If not, you could potentially negotiate the price of the repair in the final cost of the used car.

Since Maserati is a low-volume brand, their car parts aren’t going to be as easy to come across. Plus, since the engineers consistently use top-end parts, you won’t want to replace those faulty pieces with second-hand, non-Maserati parts. This means you’re going to have to dish out some extra cash for those used components, but considering the durability and the lack of repairs, those repairs will be few and far between.

As that writer noted online, it’s a good idea to find a mechanic who can service Maseratis prior to making your purchase. Perhaps you can come to an agreement on some sort of deal, saving you some extra money in the long run.


There are several reasons why a pre-owned Maserati is an excellent choice. The vehicle obviously offers top-of-the-line luxury and technology, and you can also expect the car to last you some time. Plus, by opting for a used model, you’re going to be able to snag a great price!