The GT4 GranTurismo Heralds Maserati’s Return to International Racing

January 14th, 2016 by




For the first time in six years, Maserati is once again flexing its racing muscles – and things look good enough that it’s decided to go on the road.

Ever since debuting at the 2009 European GT4 championship, Maserati seems to have caught the racing bug. After spending years developing an updated 2015 Maserati Trofeo to take on the Trofeo World Championship this year, Maserati decided to jump back into the GT cadet game with its upgraded GranTurismo MC, a race-ready version of its premium luxury performance model. After a good showing in 2009 and positive feedback on test runs in 2015, the GranTurismo MC will hit the GT4 circuit for the 2016 season.

If you’ve ever ridden in a new or used Maserati, you know the awesome power this luxury Italian brand can bring to the table. That’s why we’re so impressed by this move toward pure racing power with the GranTurismo GT-ready model.

“The Pirelli World Challenge, and the updated European GT4 series, is an excellent opportunity for Maserati and all those teams and clients who would like to race with marque steeped in character and history,” said Roberto Bozzi, Sales & Marketing Motorsport Manager for Maserati, in Maserati’s official press release on the GranTurismo’s return to racing. “The budget is accessible and the series highly competitive and professional.”

This impressive new racing model will maintain the same engine block found in the standard GranTurismo MC, featuring a 4.7L displacement engine capable of a top speed of 303 km/h. In fact, most of the modifications on this racer are aerodynamic, including an air scoop, a rear spoiler, and a modified diffuser to decrease the horsepower a bit and bring the GranTurismo into line with standard GT4 racers. This will all be finalized when standards are completed in the official pre-championship BoP tests, but for now, it looks like not all that many alterations are needed to get the GranTurismo on the track.

That’s partly because the GranTurismo is already basically a race-ready model, even in its standard form. With a standard three-spoke, leather-upholstered steering wheel, ergonomic racing seats, and an already-integral aerodynamic design, the GranTurismo could easily be mistaken for a racer anyway – and these updates only prove its capabilities on the road and on the track.

But Maserati doesn’t just plan on providing the vehicles for this internationally-renowned race series – they’ll also have engineers and experts on-site to provide technical support or install replacement parts during the races themselves, all drawing from six years of experience working on, and with, the successful Maserati Trofeo racing model.

Maserati also plans to diligently track its drivers and vehicles in the U.S. and Europe for performance, and will even offer a reward to the driver and team who performs the best overall.

It is an incentive and recognition for drivers and teams that will again lead Maserati’s fight against top competition in the form of Porsche, Aston Martin and Chevrolet“, said Bozzi.

We’ve been plenty impressed with the Maserati GranTurismo ever since the debut of the newest model, and this commitment to putting the GranTurismo a chance on the racetrack gives all of us the opportunity to see how this amazing model truly stacks up against the competition. With races set to start later this year, we can expect to see the GranTurismo tearing up the track within a matter of months.