Maserati’s Latest Charitable Endeavor

September 30th, 2015 by


Maserati is one of the most famous automotive companies in the world, but despite their popularity, the brand still finds a way to give back. Their recent association with a digital design firm was just another indication of this generosity, and the two groups combined to help out an organization that assists children in reaching their dreams.

If you’ve considered shopping in New York for a Maserati, maybe this story will convince you to opt for the generous brand…


Maserati has recently teamed up with digital design firm Those to launch the Ldny Foundation’s Legacy Collection. According to Forrest Cardamenis of, the organization encourages children and teens (living in London and New York) to reach their potential via their creative talents. Meanwhile, the Legacy Collection is a “luxury fashion project” that is intended to aspire female designers from low-income homes.

To promote the Legacy Collection, the groups have set up a display in the windows of Liberty London, a department store in Europe. The display will be up for a week, and Maserati’s inclusion was supposed to show these children what could be, not “what will never be.”

“Maserati has always been an iconic brand representative of impeccable styling, and style is equally important in fashion as in the automotive industry,” said Tina Masciadrelli, senior account executive at The O Group. “Die-hard Maserati loyalists expect the Maserati brand to be on the forefront of technology, and as fashion, technology and other industries grow more interconnected a collaboration with iconic department store Liberty is a natural extension.

“The #LibertyxMaserati movement is also a great way to introduce a more contemporary audience to the Maserati brand in a known, admired and aspirational context. While few Liberty shoppers will be able to purchase a Maserati, the affiliation brings more attention to the auto brand while they ramp up production.”

Anna Angelini, Maserati North Europe’s head of press and public relations, agreed with that sentiment.

“Maserati is focussed on being ‘the absolute opposite of ordinary’ – we like to surprise people,” she said. “The window of Liberty is not a place you’d expect to see Maserati, and the Liberty brand is a good fit as it is high-end, distinctive and iconic.”


The window display features “Woodpecker” drawing from Those, featuring sketches of popular Maserati models. It’s not all 2D displays, however, as the project is interactive. The brand brought in several Maserati Quattroportes (one of the most expensive cars on the market), and while their targeted audience couldn’t currently afford the vehicle, the organization hopes the children will strive to eventually be able to do whatever they want.

“We added the cutting edge Woodpecker technology to make the window stand out and be different from a static display; we allowed the London public to engage with the window and become a part of it,” said Angelini. “The charity element is something which fits well with Maserati’s commitment to championing enterprise; Maserati has supported LDNY and WIE since Spring 2015.”

“Among ultra high-end brands competition is fierce and luxury consumers have access to endless options,” Ms. Masciadrelli said. “There will always be a bigger, better, more expensive choices, but consumers crave emotional benefits just as much as functional ones.

“A brand such as Maserati, that provides the utmost in product quality and design alongside a venerable history, charitable affiliations, and strategic collaborations offers a much more compelling reason for loyalty than brands competing on functional qualities alone,” she said.


It’s always nice to see these brands give back to the community, and Maserati is certainly at the forefront of a variety of charitable endeavors. Sure, this may not be essential as you’re shopping for a car, but you can certainly appreciate that the company is actually using their money for something good.

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