Maserati Reaches Out to New Audiences

November 4th, 2015 by

Liberty Maserati

In an attempt to build positive relations with growing millennials, Maserati has joined forces with inspirational charity, LDNY Foundation, in creating the Legacy Collection. As a form of goodwill to take place on both British and Amerian soil, Maserati dealers are proud to share the good news.

Maserati’s GoodWill 

The Legacy Collection was on display in the windows of London’s top department store Liberty for the last week in October. Also partnering with LDNY Foundation is the digital design firm, Those. This London based digital design group showed off their innovation by displaying the Woodpecker which is their digital drawing system. As an innovative robot who sketches drawings of Maserati’s, Those sketches were also on display in the front windows of LIberty’s department store.

This partnering with digital companies and charities is part of an image that Maserati is hoping to create a younger, more aspirational generation. Maserati plans on becoming more visible to a millennial audience by these means even though they are aware that Maserati’s are not cars that most millennials can yet afford. They are hopeful that this will yield positive results in as the generations grow.

Maserati: Opposite of Ordinary

Maserati Quatt front grill

Anna Angelini, head of press and PR for Maserati North Europe says, “Maserati is focused on being ‘the absolute opposite of ordinary’ – we like to surprise people.” She goes on to say, “The window of Liberty is not a place you’d expect to see Maserati, and the Liberty brand is a good fit as it is high-end distinctive and iconic.”

The LDNY Foundation supports youth from lower income communities in the UK, US and the developing world to gain entry into creative industries and meet their full potential.

Having joined forces with NYC’s Parsons School of Design and London’s College of Fashion, educational grants and scholarships are awarded those who appear to possess promising talent in the arts.

Maserati’s partnership with the LDNY places them in a position as something to aspire to, where closing themselves off from such programs makes them unattainable.

Even though Maserati takes an opposite of ordinary approach, they have always been an iconic brand that represents impeccable style which is as important in the automotive industry as it is in fashion. In true Italian style, they are expected to stay on the forefront of technology, fashion and styling. As the industry grows, their collaboration with an equally iconic London department store is a natural fit.


There’s even a hashtag for such a collaboration, which means they just opened themselves up to a whole new contemporary audience who may not be so aware with the Maserati brand. As this generation grows, they’ll form opinions about Maserati based on what their initial context which is now positive and inspirational.   

Because of the social media buzz that formed almost instantly from this event, the exclusivity that was felt from the VIP of Maserati loyalists was heightened. These fans were able to get first access and show to their fleet of Maserati’s lining the 140-year old London department store.



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