Is This New Maserati a Mid-Engine Sports Car?

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Maserati recently announced updates to its iconic vehicle lineup that can be expected in the next few months.

These updates include electric powertrain options and an all-new sports car model slated for a May 2020 release.

It is anticipated that the new Maserati model to be released in May will be an all-new mid-engine sports car, as opposed to a front-engine model.

Even though it’s currently a well-kept secret, the soon-to-be-launched vehicle prototype indicates abandoning traditional styles of the past that were largely made popular by the GranTurismo as the company looks to the future.

A mid-engine option is par for the course for the future of Maserati.

What We Know So Far

The first peek at the new Maserati sports car was on the streets near the Modena, Italy, production plant. Though it was heavily camouflaged to keep as much under wraps as possible, there is quite a bit we can expect from the new model.

This isn’t just any vehicle-wrap camouflage, either.
The uniquely designed pattern can be interpreted as a save the date for the newest member to the Maserati lineup. If you look closely at the vehicle wrap, you will see XXMM, the Roman numerals for 2020.

While there has not been an official name released for the latest vehicle addition its lineup, the new Maserati has been given a nickname: the mule.

The new coupe has been developed in Modena, Italy, with a powertrain designed and built entirely by Maserati, as opposed to the Ferrari-built engines we have become accustomed to.

This updated powertrain is anticipated to become the forefather of the new family of engines expected to outfit the future lineup.

Knowing the marque’s need for speed and desire for power, we anticipate seeing a turbocharged V8 engine in the new coupe.

The mule and its new engine have been put through a testing phase at the Maserati Innovation Lab, which acquires data throughout the process.
Using the state-of-the-art simulators, real-world situations are created to test the new model. This allows engineers to determine how to the vehicle will perform once it makes it way to our consumers.

The acquired data is then used to fine-tune the model before developing prototypes, bodywork, and mechanics.

This is an essential step to producing the highest quality in Italian manufacturing that our consumers expect.

While some in the industry have speculated that the new Maserati sports car being concealed is the new Alfieri, we don’t expect this to be the case. As we have previously learned, the anticipated Alfieri is coming to life and will be a front-engine model.

Modifications to the rear of the mule leads us to believe the new Maserati mid-engine sports car will likely have carbon-fiber body components.

Why a Mid-Engine Sports Car?

The current contract between Maserati and Ferrari is coming to an end, which almost feels like the end of an era.

But as we know, Maserati has always been destined for greatness. So, this parting will simply open the doors for future innovations.

Keeping that in mind, it only makes sense that the brand would create a sleek and powerful mid-engine sports car. Sports cars that are built with a mid-engine offer more traction control for the vehicle. Because of the location, more weight is placed over the rear tires.

Mid-engine sports car designs also allow drivers to experience better traction while braking and taking quick turns.

Superior traction control and handling make for an even more spirited drive when it is matched with the quality of an Italian-manufactured engine.

We eagerly await the arrival of the latest model to our showroom and sharing the news with our consumers.

Until that time, we will continue to enjoy everything the new Maserati vehicles have to offer.

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