Flex Your Muscle with the New Quattroporte

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The Quattroporte has been the flagship sedan of the Maserati lineup since it first came into production back in 1963. After the brand launched the newest version of the sedan in 2013, the Quattroporte has been the purest representation of performance perfection. No other car exists in the world that is able to offer the amenities and comfort of a luxury sedan, with the heart pounding power of a racecar. Maserati has been crafting the Quattroporte for over five decades, and the newest 2017 model will soon be available at your Maserati dealer in NY and around the world.

Skip the Gym and Flex Your Muscle in the New Quattroporte

The gym is a great outlet that allows members to release their pent-up aggression, relieve their bodies from the unrelenting stress of the week, and work on building a body worthy of any East Coast beach. If the gym is a place that does not appeal to you or your lifestyle, we invite you to explore an alternative outlet for your workweek woes – the all-new 2017 Maserati Quattroporte. Designed to take every corner with precision, tackle any track in record time, and transport you throughout your day in the utmost of luxury, the new Quattroporte is the physical escape you have been missing.

The New Quattroporte Offers Everything You Didn’t Know You Needed

If you have never sat behind the wheel of a Maserati and felt the pure power underneath your foot when you press on the gas, then you don’t know what you are missing. The experience of driving a Maserati Quattroporte is simply incomparable to any other decent thing this world has to offer. It is life-changing, life-defining, and will provoke you to act in a way you never knew you could. Because of this fact alone, we advise that before you decide to go ahead with that expensive gym membership you may or may not use, discover in person how the 2017 Quattroporte can be your escape from the hectic in-and-out nature of your daily life.

  • Power: The power underneath the hood of the newest Quattroporte is unmatched. The moment you apply your foot on the gas pedal, you will be involved in an out of body experience you didn’t know was possible. The Ferrari-produced 3.8-liter V8 Twin-Turbo engine offers 523 horsepower, and a top speed of 193 miles per hour. Even the base Quattroporte models are well equipped power-wise, with a standard 3.0-liter Twin Turbo V6 engine block capable of 404 horsepower. Regardless of which model you choose, the new Quattroporte does not lack power or performance.
  • Exterior Brilliance: The exterior of the 2017 Quattroporte features a stunning new grille design that sets it apart from all other models that came before it. The complete reshaping of the sedan’s front end allows for enhanced aerodynamics, on top of the intensified aesthetic appeal. Restyled LED light clusters adorn the rear bumper on the new Quattroporte, extending the elegance and function of the all-new sedan. Finally, a discretely placed Air Shutter sits behind the front grille, allowing for the driver to control air passage through the radiator in order to decrease drag when conditions call for it.
  • New Trim Offerings: Two of the most striking changes made to the 2017 Quattroporte compared to the outgoing model, are two entirely new trim levels. The GranLusso and GranSport model offerings up the ante of luxury, power, and refinement in every way imaginable. Each one was carefully crafted to meet the highest standards of luxury and performance, that only Maserati can offer. Discover more closely what each of these new models brings to the already amply-stocked table:
  • GranLusso – The 2017 Quattroporte GranLusso offers a distinct style that sets it apart from all other models under the same nameplate. Chrome accents adorn the front and rear bumpers, while 20-inch Mercurio rims give the GranLusso a show-stopping quality unlike any other. The interior of the GranLusso model is arguably just as luxurious as the exterior, and possibly even more so. The interior cabin was designed by a leading icon in the world of fashion, Ermenegildo Zegna. Featuring Italian silk trim, real wood accents, and the highest quality leather in the world, luxury has been redefined inside of the 2017 GranLusso model of the Quattroporte. Further inclusions serve to enhance the overall performance of this masterpiece, and include power foot pedals, heated rear seating, and an exclusive power rear sunblind. This model is where luxury and performance meet in the purest possible form, and is completely new for 2017.
  • GranSport – A completely new offering on the Quattroporte, the GranSport trim level brings a more aggressive and sport-like feel to the already powerful performer. The exterior of this Quattroporte model boasts new side and center air intakes, along with a revised grille that features the iconic trident logo at its center. The rear of the GranSport is also unique, with a Piano Black spoiler that gives the sedan a pure sports-car feel. 21-inch Titano wheels finished in a gloss-black paint unite the exterior of the GranSport in a subtle, yet sophisticated manner. The interior cabin of the new Quattroporte model includes custom sport seating, Inox sport gas and brake pedals, gearshift paddles, and a redesigned sporty steering wheel. The unification between the exterior and interior of the GranSport is thanks to the Piano black trim used throughout the sedan’s cabin.

Bring Home the New Maserati Quattroporte

The all-new Maserati Quattroporte is waiting to convert you to the real side of luxury at Maserati of Albany. Located right here in the heart of the best city in New York, Maserati of Albany has a knowledgeable team ready to assist you into your brand new Quattroporte today. Whether this is your first experience with the Italian luxury brand, or you have owned several Maseratis in the past, Maserati of Albany exemplifies the excellence of the brand we sell, in everything we do. Come down to our one of a kind dealership today, and see for yourself how it feels to get behind the wheel of a one of a kind automotive masterpiece.

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