Find Sporty Efficiency In A 2017 Maserati Levante Diesel

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2017 Maserati Levante Sporty


The 2017 Maserati Levante is new in almost every sense of the word. Not only does this freshly-released model break from – and subsequently re-invent – our traditional image of the Maserati, but it also introduces new forms and ideas into the lineup that might surprise even the most devout Maserati lovers. This capable model – dubbed “the Maserati of SUVs” – offers plenty of interior space and impressive off-road performance, both unmatched in the current Maserati lineup. But even those drivers ready to step into this new and exciting model might still find themselves surprised by the strong performance and efficient engine available on the Levante – especially with the impressive Levante Diesel, which utilizes one of the most impressive diesel systems available to motor one seriously powerful Maserati.

Sporting one impressive powertrain, the Levante Diesel provides enough sporty energy to make even the sleekest performance model jealous. The star of the show is the innovative 3.0 V6 turbo-diesel engine, capable of an impressive 275 horsepower and generating 0-60 acceleration in just 7.2 seconds. With numbers like these, the Levante Diesel clearly provides plenty of get-up-and-go for any day out on the highway – not to mention Start-Stop technology that boosts efficiency and reduces emissions. Cruise with smooth efficiency on long drives or hit the track and gun it up to the top speed – 140 mph – for the true high-performance experience and you’ll see just how powerful the Levante can be.

Worried about saving face out on the circuit with such a luxurious, efficient performance model? Have no fear – the power of Maserati is certainly no secret. That’s thanks to two sound actuators, fitted near the exhaust tailpipes, which modulate the sound of the Levante’s diesel engine for a rich, throaty purr that will let everyone around know that this SUV is no standard schlepping machine. The Levante also feature’s Maserati’s Q4 system, an impressive torque adjustment system that can transfer torque between the front and rear axles within milliseconds of sensing a change in terrain to maintain total grip on the road in almost any situation.

Part of what makes the Levante Diesel such an impressively capable vehicle is its inherently-aerodynamic design, featuring sleek and styled side panels and a concave, high-airflow grille for easy movement even at high speed. The Levante Diesel also features high-efficiency, low-drag air shutters to improve aerodynamics automatically at top speeds. This helps not only regulate airflow around the vehicle but also directs cool air toward the engine block, boosting performance and increasing efficiency along the way.

But with all this power under the hood, it’s only safe to say that a little precaution is necessary. That’s why the Levante comes with some of the most impressive standard safety technology available, including Forward Collision Warning, Blind Spot Alert, Rear Cross Path Detection, and Lane Departure Warning to help prevent accidents before they even happen. These, combined with the advanced seatbelt and airbag systems, help you stay safe on the road and grant you peace of mind to push your Levante Diesel to the limit of its abilities.

So whether you’re curious about what a Maserati SUV might look like or if you want to get your hands on one of the most impressive diesel systems available, few models satisfy quite like the all-new 2017 Maserati Levante Diesel. Take a look for yourself at your local Maserati dealer – and maybe even drive away in a Maserati all your own.


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