2016 Maserati Ghibli: The Latest in Luxury and Performance


2016 Maserati Ghibli


The 2016 Maserati Ghibli in Albany, NY is the pinnacle of luxury and performance. While that might be said about Maserati vehicles every year, that statement has never been declared with such confidence as right now. As soon as your eyes see the traditional and yet ever-evolving design of the Ghibli, you just know this vehicle has something good going on. In order to back up that statement, the Ghibli comes with a luxurious and modern interior, and exceptionally powerful performance.

With this menagerie of a comfortable interior with advanced technology, great performance, and handsome design, it’s easy to see why the 2016 Maserati Ghibli is the latest in luxury and performance.


A Handsome Design


2016 Maserati Ghibli Exterior


The sporty and handsome demeanor of the Ghibli dates back to the first one in 1967. The design for the 2016 model features a new and fresh feel, while still paying homage to the model that started it all. This balance between tradition and evolution is what gives the Ghibli a style that sets itself apart from the rest of the pack.

The front-end has a strong presence, thanks to the famous Maserati oval grille, which drew its inspiration from other models like the GranTurismo, or A6 GCS Berlinetta, which is an iconic vehicle in automotive history. This grille has the Maserati logo proudly plastered in its center, where the highest point on the trident reaches up to meet a subtle — but effective — downward point on the grille.

After the grille is done making it’s statement, the headlights have a turn to shine. These are some of the more sophisticated headlights to ever enter the market, and are reminiscent of elegant fish-scales that shimmer when the light hits them, complementing the nautical trident-logo beautifully. With six smaller lights nestled at the top, three larger ones on the bottom, and a bright round one sitting next to the other two sets, the inside of each headlight has a lot more going on than initially meets the eye. After you realize that, it’s hard to look away from their captivating design.

The hood is aerodynamic and windswept, with rigid lines that bend and run upward toward the windshield. The sinuous aforementioned lines run across the surface of the vehicle, and are subtle enough to let the overall design be the center of attention, but still noticeable enough to make the Ghibli always look like it’s in motion — and adds a subtle sense of power.

The sides of the vehicle can look drastically different depending on which set of wheels are chosen. For example, the 21-inch wheels have the Maserati logo integrated into the spokes, whereas the standard 18-inch wheels provide elegance in simplicity. It’s features like this, that show Maserati’s attention to detail and desire for each model to have it’s own unique flair depending on the customer’s preferences.

The back of the 2016 Ghibli was constructed to fit naturally with the design of the cabin, but still attracts just as much attention as the front. Twin exhaust tailpipes and bright eye-catching LED tail-lights make sure that anyone behind this vehicle will still know exactly what it’s about: luxury and performance.

At the core of the Ghibli design is an exquisite nature that hints at what lies inside the cabin. But, it also has an air of power associated with it, thanks to the sinuous and slightly muscular lines that run over its surface. Overall, it’s the perfect design to capture the true essence of this vehicle.


A Luxurious and Modern Interior


2016 Maserati Ghibli Interior


On the inside, high-quality materials blend with a modern design that shows the Ghibli’s true dedication to luxury. Everything from the leather-wrapped steering wheel to the door-handles have been crafted with comfort and practicality in mind.

This refined atmosphere all starts with the seats. These seats are designed in a way that wraps around their occupants, with high-side bolsters that help enhance the sport-car feel of the Ghibli, and deep, plush seat cushions that fully immerse the driver and passengers into a world of comfort. The seats are made out of soft supple leather, and this upholstery can be used on the dashboard, side panels, and doors, taking the laid-back atmosphere of luxury vehicles to a whole new level.

Everything about the design is ergonomic as well. Whether it’s the placement of the buttons on the steering wheel, or the way the center stack has been designed, it’s all set up to make the operation of the inside features as effortless and efficient as possible. At the forefront of the center stack is the 8.4-inch infotainment touchscreen. This touch-screen might not look or act like what you’d expect from a high-end automaker, but it’s easy to use and has plenty of functions, such as allowing the passengers to play music from their media device out of a Harman Kardon premium sound system — or a Bowers and Wilkins one, depending on your preference.

Whether it’s the seats, dashboard, or the technology, it all comes together to provide a supreme luxury experience for the driver and passengers; and with seating for five, there is plenty of room to share that experience with friends or family.


Powerful Performance


2016 Maserati Ghibli Performance


The entire basis of the 2016 Ghibli’s performance revolves around having good fuel economy without sacrificing power. It is, after all, a luxury vehicle, so the perfect blend of power and efficiency is the overarching goal. As such, the Ghibli’s 3-liter twin-turbo V6 engine is designed to put out a respectable 330 horsepower, while still being conscious of the fuel it’s consuming. It’s definitely far more efficient than the stronger powertrain found in the Ghibli S because the V6 has specially designed camshafts and injectors, combined with turbine mapping and a customized electronic control system. In the end, the technology equipping this vehicle allows the Ghibli to experience a savings in fuel economy, while still being able to achieve 0-60 mph in 5.5 seconds.

The performance is further improved by the hydraulic steering system. This system ensures that every time you use the steering wheel, it’s going to feel right. While other systems do this, this one is unique in that the artificial assistance which helps with cornering at high speeds (or doing any other maneuvers of that nature) feels practically invisible. And that makes hopping behind the wheel of this car even more fun.


Good Looks with a Fun Ride. What More Could You Want?


2016 Maserati Ghibli Grille


Even though these are only a few of the main factors that make the 2016 Maserati Ghibli the latest and greatest in luxury and performance, it’s certainly easy to see why this machine is so sought after. With advanced engine technology, and comfort that will make you feel like sitting in a rich person’s bedroom, the Ghibli is a vehicle that’s dressed to impress, and has the walk to back up the talk.

So, if owning a vehicle that could be considered the apex of luxury and performance sounds like your dream vehicle, then look no further because you’ve found it at Maserati of Albany.